What is EASA

EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) is a platform for cultural and educational exchange, connecting Architecture students and professionals from all European countries, and in recent years from all over the world.


EASA's main event takes place every summer in a different European country.

More than 500 participants live and work together on more that 30 different workshops for two weeks.

Future EASA events are decided upon almost two years in advance through a bidding process on the INCM (Intermediate National Contact Meeting).

EASA's history

1981: Liverpool, England: Starting up the easa Experience

1982: Delft, Netherlands: Architecture of an Uncertain Future

1983: Lisbon, Portugal: Social Spaces

1984: Aarhus, Denmark: Turning point in Architecture

1985: Athens, Greece: Interpretation and Action in the City

1986: Torino, Italy: Architetture Latenti

1987: Helsinki-Putikko, Finland: Architecture and Nature

1988: Berlin, Germany: The Dimension Between

1989: Marseille, France: Heritage et Creativé

1990: Karlskrona, Sweden: Exploration

1991: Verkhoturie and Kolomna, ussr: Regeneration

1992: Urgup, Turkey: Vision 2000 Environment

1993: Sandwick, Scotland: The Isle

1994: Liège, Belgium: Consommer l’Inconsumable

1995: Zamosć, Poland: Beyond the Borders

1996: Clermont-l’Hérault, France: Dream Builders!

1997: The Train, Scandinavia: Advancing Architecture

1998: Valletta, Malta: Living on the Edge

1999: Kavala, Greece: Osmosis

2000: Antwerp and Rotterdam, Belgium/Netherlands:


2001: Gökceada, Turkey: No Theme

2002: Vis, Croatia: Senses

2003: Friland, Denmark: Sustainable Living

2004: Roubaix, France: Metropolitan–Micropolitain

2005: Bergün, Switzerland: Trans, Transit, Transition.

2006: Budapest, Hungary: Common Places

2007: Eleusina, Greece: City Index

2008: Dublin-Letterfrack, Ireland: Adaptation

2009: Brescia, Italy: supermarchet

2010: Manchester, uk: Identity

2011: Cadiz, Spain: Decoastruction

2012: Helsinki, Finland: Wastelands

2013: Žužemberk, Slovenia: Reaction

2014: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria: Symbioza

2015: Valletta, Malta: Links

2016: Lithuania, Nida: Not Yet Decided

2017: Fredericia, Denmark: Hospitality -

 Finding the framework

2018: Rijeka, Croatia: RE:EASA

2019: Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland,  Tourist

2020: Estonia, Apathy